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Grape Alcohol

As Australia’s leading supplier of grape alcohol, Tarac currently processes around 40 million litres of distillation wine and lees and in excess of 120,000 tonnes of grape marc (residual skins and seeds from the winemaking crush) to produce grape alcohol and various spirit styles.

With distilleries located in 3 of the major grape growing and wine producing regions of Australia, namely Nuriootpa and Berri in South Australia and Griffith in New South Wales, Tarac is able to produce and supply:

  • Neutral grape spirit – ideal for more ‘european style’ alcoholic beverages like Limoncello and Schnapps
  • Matured Brandy – oak matured and of various ages
  • Brandy spirit – a range of ex-still brandy spirit styles
  • Fortifying spirit - 96% alcohol
  • Industrial spirit – grape alcohol for brine refrigeration systems.

Quality Assurance

Tarac’s distillation process ensures that the final grape spirit products meet stringent Australian standards and Tarac’s internal quality standards.

Tarac is an accredited company with the following certifications:
ISO9001 – quality management system
ISO14001 – environmental management system
HACCP – food safety management system

Support and Information

Domestic and international customers are assured of professional personalised support including:

  • technical and analytical services
  • customising product to meet customer quality and sensory specifications
  • blending recommendations for specific applications
  • supply of a range of samples of Tarac’s grape spirit products
  • competitive pricing.

Transport Quantities

  • bulk in approved spirit road tankers
  • bulk in approved stainless steel ISO tankers for export
  • Dangerous goods quality 200 litre stainless steel or plastic drums
  • Dangerous goods quality 20 litre plastic containers

Dangerous Goods Documentation

The appropriate “Emergency Procedure Guide – Transport” will accompany all dispatches of grape spirit in all packaging forms.  

Bulk spirit tankers carry the necessary documents permanently in their vehicle.

All drums and containers dispatched from Tarac will be appropriately sealed and labelled with Dangerous Goods and Hazchem safety information.

A Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) is available for each of our grape spirit products.

Excise Approval

Tarac is only permitted to supply grape alcohol products to Australian customers who have obtained the necessary concessional approval from the Excise Division of the Australian Taxation Office and have nominated Tarac as a supplier.  The appropriate excise documentation will accompany all dispatches of spirit from Tarac.

 To obtain approval from the Australian Taxation Office:

  • phone 1300 137 290
  • you will receive an automated response, choose option 2
  • you will be directed to the Licensing Department who will assist you with your enquiry.

For more information or to make an enquiry about grape alcohol please: Click here

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