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Ordering from Tarac before Christmas?

Please note that last date to place orders is Tuesday 18 December 2018.

Tarac will be closed from 12pm Friday 21 December, re-opening Monday 7 January 2019.

We wish you and yours a very happy and safe festive season.



Grape Alcohol Grape Alcohol Tarac grape alcohol products include Eau de Vie de Vin, Matured Brandy, Neutral Grape Alcohol and Fortifying Alcohol. We also create tailor-made blends for individual winemaking styles. GrapEX Tannins GrapEX Tannins GrapEX tannins have been created to provide winemakers with tantalising options - they can be used separately or together to create truly unique wines. Winery Residual Management Winery Residual Management We take solid and liquid residuals - grape marc (pomace), filter cake, wine lees, centrifuge lees and distillation wine - leaving your winery clean and prepared for the next harvest. Grape Juice Concentrate Grape Juice Concentrate Tarac grape juice concentrates are made through a high vacuum/low temperature evaporation process with sugar levels ranging between 68-70 brix. Grape Juice Concentration Grape Juice Concentration We can turn your grapes (or other fruit) into a bespoke concentrate. We listen to you about what you want to achieve and create a concentrate with appropriate character and sweetness. AlcoTech Alcohol Adjustment AlcoTech Alcohol Adjustment AlcoTech uses low temperature evaporation to reduce the alcohol content of a selected portion of your wine to less than 0.5%. Natural Tartaric Acid Natural Tartaric Acid Our natural L(+) tartaric acid is sourced from 100% grape and wine residuals which create wines that are holistically faithful to the winemaking process and accepted anywhere in the world. Grape Seeds Grape Seeds Tarac white grape seeds are dried fresh to preserve their character and goodness. Being very high in antioxidants they are a much sought-after natural health supplement. Agriculture Agriculture Tarac steam distilled grape marc (in its various forms) has wide ranging agricultural and horticultural applications - from stock feed (or a stock feed blender), to coating for trotting tracks, bedding for pigs and poultry, and as soil conditioners for orchards or broadacre farming - just to name a few.

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