About Us

Tarac Technologies, established in 1930, provides environmental solutions and valued products and services to the Australian Wine Industry. It is an integral part of the industry’s sustainability.

Key environmental issues that Tarac alleviates through value adding are the disposal and treatment of solid and liquid winemaking residuals.  In fact Tarac treats around 130,000 tonnes of grape marc, more than 40 million litres of liquid waste and approximately 3,000 tonnes of solid waste annually, posing the question ‘where would this waste go if not for Tarac?’

Tarac operates a closed-loop system whereby solid residuals are treated to recover grape alcohol, brandy spirit and tartrates, products that are returned to the wine industry.  Liquid residuals from wineries are treated at a waste water treatment plant co-owned by Tarac.  Waste water from Tarac’s own processes is also recovered, treated at the same plant and re-used for Tarac’s own processes.  The recycled waste water is also supplied for irrigation of vineyards in the vicinity of Tarac’s Nuriootpa site.  Solid residuals from Tarac’s processes also form part of the closed loop system – they are turned into stock feed, mulch, soil conditioners and other products for the agricultural and horticultural industries.

Tarac’s closed loop maximises the utilisation of wine industry residuals while minimising the adverse impacts of its own by-products.

Tarac also provides a number of other products and services to the wine industry.  These include GrapEX natural grape seed and skin tannins, natural L(+) tartaric acid, grape juice concentrate, AlcoTECH alcohol adjustment, Packaged Alcohol for Destruction & Recycling and a grape juice concentration service.

While Tarac is a major part of the wine industry, it also supplies a number of its products to other industries including craft distilleries and other alcoholic beverage producers, food, homeopathy & naturopathy.