History Taracs 1938 Vint


Tarac Technologies was established in 1930 by ex-CSIRO scientist Alfred Allen at his home in the heartland of the Australian Wine Industry – the Barossa Valley, South Australia.

At first Mr Allen focused his attention to the development of processes used to recover grape alcohol, grape seed oil and tartrates from winery by-products.

Over the years Tarac quickly established its presence both domestically and internationally and opened additional distillation plants to service other emerging Australian wine regions, namely:

●    Berri, South Australia in 1936
●    Griffith, New South Wales in 1971

The Tarac of today has successfully built on these solid foundations and remains a manufacturer of quality value adding products, supplying global wine, beverage and food industries - just to name a few.  It has expanded on its product portfolio to include many quality services in support of the wine industry and retains the ability to adapt to the ever changing needs of its global customer base.