Tarac is a business that is ‘people centric’. That is, how people ‘fit’ from a cultural and values perspective is vital to our success. Individuals can be taught most technical tasks, but attitude, commitment, passion and work ethic cannot be taught. You either have these things or you don’t.

So that we can maintain our competitive edge, our customer focus and our internationally recognised quality standards, it is vital that our people are the right ‘fit’ for our business.

We measure these things in many different ways.

From the moment we receive an application for employment, we are looking for potential employees who are comfortable working hard, who can demonstrate a real enthusiasm for work and life in general, are sticklers for quality and who genuinely enjoy working as a part of a small team.

Often we are seeking specific skill sets and/or licenses but other times we are more open to considering inexperienced staff that we can teach and develop ourselves.

Prior to employment being offered for any role with Tarac, candidates are required to undertake psychological testing and a full medical examination including a drug test.

We offer a fantastic working environment with a group of people who genuinely like each other and like coming to work.

Some of our roles include:

  • Chemical engineers
  • Finance and administration positions
  • Sales and marketing experts
  • Trades people
  • Production operators
  • Distillers
  • Laboratory staff