Company Values

At Tarac, we value respect – for ourselves, each other and our customers.

We care for our team and treat others as we want to be treated, with fairness, courtesy and consideration.

We show resilience in rising to challenges, getting back up after setbacks and finding other ways to succeed.

We are motivated every day: we drive to find solutions, help others and get the best results.

Above all, we’re respected for our quality and reliability: we’re trusted to complete the task, help others and do what needs to be done, on time every time.

We live our values by being:
 Respectful & caring
  • of myself and others
  • of my work, customers and the environment
  • of opinions, ideas, approaches and outcomes
  • treat those around me as I would want to be treated – with fairness, courtesy and consideration
  • stay safe and look out for each other

Think: honest, caring, trusting, considerate and mindful

  • there will be good days and bad, successes and setbacks - stay strong
  • understand then adapt - get back up and find another way
  • rise to the challenges and support others to do the same

Think: adaptable, flexible, strong and determined.

  • strive to do good things; for my workmates, customers and myself
  • seek solutions
  • draw inspiration from others and see the task through

Think: inquisitive, keen and driven

  • be the person who can be relied upon - to turn up, to complete the task, to provide help when needed and do what needs to be done – deliver quality on time, every time
  • be trustworthy

Think: dependable, trusted and committed