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Tarac Company Values

How we do things is often just as important, if not more important, than what we do.

Whilst we all want to be a part of a business that makes a profit so that we can keep our jobs and provide solid and reliable returns to our shareholders, this can’t be our only focus. We need to ensure that our business operates within the law, that we are always honest and ethical in our activities, that our company actively cares about its people and we need to keep our focus on what our customer wants from us.

To this end, Tarac have developed a set of company values which we hold dear and actively and passionately pursue. Every member of our team is expected to adhere to the behaviours that these values define, and we are all measured on how effectively we live up to these standards.

Our day-to-day activities and our behaviour towards each other is measured, monitored and discussed as a key item in our performance review process. Even promotion, training and termination decisions are made using our Company Values as a measure.

Being committed to our values is an important part of day-to-day work for all Tarac staff.

  • We will improve our communication
  • We will report on our performance
  • We will strive to actively engage our people
  • We will take pride in and celebrate our successes and achievements
 Ethical and Honest
  • We will behave honestly and with integrity
  • We will act swiftly against dishonesty and unethical behaviour
  • We will be accountable for our own actions and behaviours
  • Our business decisions will always be ethical
Safety Quality Environment
  • We expect to be safe from workplace injury and illness
  • We will not compromise on safety
  • We are all responsible for workplace safety
  • Our products will meet our customer's quality expectations
  • We will consider the environment when we make decisions
  • We will take action to reduce our environmental impact
  • We will have systems and processes in place to manage our risk
  • We take pride in our work and our workplace
 Recognise and Appreciate our People
  • We will invest in training and development
  • We are proud of our company and our history
  • We will recognise and reward high performers
  • We will treat each other with respect and dignity
  • We will have work/life balance
  • We will give regular, honest and constructive feedback
  • We will work together to foster and encourage teamwork
  • We won't sit back when others need help
 Customer Satisfaction
  • We will focus on meeting the needs of our customers
  • Our actions impact our customers
  • We will contribute to our customer's success
  • We will add value to our customer's business
 Profitable and Growing Business
  • We will strive to maximise shareholder value
  • We will seek secure and long-term markets for our products
  • We encourage innovation which improves profits
  • We endeavour to provide secure and long-term employment
  • We strive to meet the needs of our customers
  • We take pride in our products, services and reputation