Research Initiatives

Tarac’s business success is due in large part to its ongoing commitment to the value adding of wine industry by-products. This has resulted in a diverse business enterprise with a range of unique equipment and processes.

Our research assists us to create sustainable value by:

  • focussing and developing a culture of innovation within Tarac, including the utilisation of collaborative links with external research providers;
  • providing measurable and direct benefits to Tarac and the industries we work with;
  • relating to Tarac’s core processes, products and/or services; and
  • showing enhanced outcomes for the natural environment.

Initiative 1: Benefits of Spent (Processed) Marc as an animal/aquaculture feed additive

Initiative 2: Innovative Alternative Distillation Technologies for the reduction of Fossil Fuel Consumption

Initiative 3 – Recover and Extract Value from Waste Materials

Initiative 4 – Alternative Energy Sources

Initiative 5 – Project Prioritisation and Commercialisation