Initiative 3 – Recover and Extract Value from Waste Materials

Compost trialscurrent
Collaboration with The Barossa Grape & Wine Association – exploring a regional, community-based mulch facility within the Barossa to process winery waste and other green material into mulch for supplying to vineyards on a commercial basis.

Review of wastewater treatmentcompleted
Tarac engaged an experienced wastewater company to provide an overview of our high strength wastewater treatment process from production inputs to clean water recovery from the wastewater treatment plant.

Bio-Char using Spent (Processed) Marccompleted
The purpose of the proposed research is to evaluate technical feasibility in using Spent (Processed) Marc as a renewable resource for energy generation, and as a feedstock for the production of functional adsorbents (activated carbon).

Grape Marc Classificationcompleted
Collaborate with the University of Adelaide Centre for Nanoscale Bio Photonics to develop appropriate sensor that will measure alcohol, phenolics and tartrates in grape marc.

Grape Seed Quality Matrixcompleted
Collect Grape Marc samples from various wineries and evaluate the general phenolic composition and the anthocyanin profile of early ripening grape varieties from Australian and New Zealand wine regions.

Improve Wastewater Treatmentcompleted
Conduct a pilot scale study following recommendations from ‘Review Wastewater Treatment Processes’.  Lamella clarifier and crossflow ultrafiltration were trialled.

Improve feed water quality to MFROcurrent
The aim of this project is to verify treatment method(s) to improve water quality feeding water filtration system (MFRO) and recover salt from RO reject stream.