Initiative 4 – Alternative Energy Sources

Potential for Reduction in the Cost and Carbon Emissions for Energy for Tarac Technologiescompleted
Collaboration with the University of Adelaide and partial funding from Innovation Connections Grant. The aim of this project is to conduct techno-economic assessment of solar energy technology and opportunities to combine solar and bio-gas and/or biomass systems. 

Biogas from Spent (Processed) Marccompleted
Collaboration with Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology and partial funding from Innovation Connections Grant.  This study aimed to verify the scale of biogas generated from Spent (Processed) Marc with and without other organic materials.

Liquid Slurry Fuel from Spent (Processed) Marccompleted
Working with the University of Adelaide to develop an alternative bio-slurry fuel for power generations from organic municipal solid waste resources (inc. marc) – early-stage research work.

Combustion characteristics of bio-slurry fuel from Spent (Processed) MarcJune 2021
Further investigate the fuel combustion characterisation and kinetics of bio-slurry fuel. Ignition and burn out temperatures of bio-slurry fuels will be determined, and its performance will compare with conventional liquid fuel, such as diesel and fuel oil.

Develop Continuous process to product Liquid slurry fuel from spent marcJune 2021
The design and operating conditions of the continuous processor will be based on the results from the above project. The quality of the bio-slurry fuel from the continuous process will be compared with those produced from batch process for optimisation.