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Agriculture & Horticulture

Returning to the land.

Each year, Tarac produces around 130,000 tonnes of processed grape marc. All of it goes to good use, back to where it came from – the land.

Stock Feed

There are three main applications:

  1. Tarac Vitifeed Logo Expanded 2 (Crimped Marc - screened and milled) has a higher energy value, and makes an excellent stand-alone stock feed.

  2. Tarac Acti Meal Logo Expanded 2 (Grape Meal) has a course powdery texture with nutritional benefits for livestock and aquaculture, such as ruminant and fish food preparations.

  3. Processed Grape Marc is a good nutritional blender with other stock feed, helping to supplement supplies during periods of drought.

By-product vendor declarations are available for these products.


TPR is aged, processed grape marc. It is a high-organic material, exhibiting the same earthy texture and appearance of compost. It is very well suited to broad acre farming and market gardens.

Processed Grape Marc

The ideal mulch for vineyards and gardens; it is rich in nutrients and the perfect barrier to water loss.

Not limited to mulching applications, Processed Grape Marc is also used as a soil conditioner, a coating for horse arenas, an alternative in free range chicken runs and fresh bedding for piggeries.                                                                                 

Our agricultural experts are happy to explain the many ways these products can benefit your enterprise.

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