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With a promise of widespread season opening rain…

A promise of widespread season opening rain across much of South Australia will have many broad acre operations starting to get twitchy.

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Effect of dietary NDF content on growth rate and efficiency of finisher pigs

Effect of dietary NDF content on growth rate and efficiency of finisher pigs.

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The Influence of Apple – or Red – Grape Pomace Enriched Piglet Diet

The Influence of Apple- or Red-Grape Pomace Enriched Piglet Diet on Blood Parameters, Bacterial Colonisation, and Marker Gene Expression in Piglet White Blood Cells.

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Supplementation of Grape Seed & Grape Marc Meal Extract

Supplementation of a grape seed and grape marc meal extract decreases activities of the oxidative stress-responsive transcription factors NF-κB and Nrf2 in the duodenal mucosa of pigs.

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Time to take Stock

Rain is such a double edged sword. In any region where multiple enterprises overlap, rain at any time of the year will make some people happy and others swear.

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Producers share secrets of success in MLA Challenge

A different management approach has seen one Queensland cattle family achieve better outcomes for their business this year despite the constraints of the extreme weather conditions.

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TRIAL: Use of Processed Steam Distilled Grape Marc in Lamb Rations

To test if growth and weight gain bioequivalence in feedlot lambs can be achieved using steam distilled grape marc further processed for use in ruminant rations.

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Grape Marc Helping Sustain Drought Affected Cattle

Andrew and Megan Miller have documented their success of feeding a combination of Grape Marc (sourced from Tarac) and pellets to sustain their cattle during a very trying drought period.

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Free Feed on Offer

VICTORIAN farmers have been offered 42,000 tonnes of spent grape marc as a free supplementary feed for their livestock.

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