Introducing Acti-Meal and VitiFeed

The power of natural antioxidants and other compounds derived from grapes was first offered to the public in the form of Tarac Vinlife grape seed powder in 2003.

Tarac Technologies have continued to develop and supply sustainable products, particularly with the Agriculture & Horticulture industries in mind.

Dried grape meal and steam distilled & milled grape marc have been refined and the creation of distinctive and easily recognisable brand names and logos now makes it easier to identify and talk about these unique products.

Tarac Acti Meal Logo Expanded 01

Acti-Meal, previously known as Grape Meal, is a 100% natural product with the same base phenolic compounds and tannins as Vinlife with the added beneficial properties of grape seed oil and berry skins that are retained in the product. Acti-Meal has been tested by South Australian Research & Development Institute (SARDI) in trials fed to lambs and sheep. The trials were carried all the way through to sensory panel assessments for aroma, flavour and consumer preference with positive feedback.

SARDI Aquaculture Research Centre has conducted trials using Acti-Meal in Abalone rations. Again preliminary results were strong and additional trials are scheduled to occur over the 2016-2017 summer. Abalone are considered to be a good indicator species- if it works well for them it is quite likely it will also work well for some commercially farmed finfish.

International customers tell us that our ability to supply a higher quality consistent product is a key factor when choosing where to purchase from. We know cheaper grape skin & seed derivatives can be sourced from other countries, yet our customers keep coming back.Customers in Japan use Acti-Meal to feed cattle, pigs and finfish. Taiwanese customers are using Acti-Meal in pet foods.

Tarac Vitifeed Logo Expanded 01

VitiFeed (Crimped Marc), is the higher moisture hay & silage supplement option utilised in mainly TMR systems by dairies and beef feedlots. With dry matter @ 50% in comparison to many silages in the low 30% range and DM protein & ME values of 12-13% & 10-11MJ/Kg, VitiFeed packs more in the same volume. Animals therefore eat a more energy dense and nutritious ration for the same total amount of feed. Production targets are being met or improved while saving money and time.

Comprehensive research by University of Adelaide Roseworthy campus PhD candidate Haylee Clifford (sheep) and Dr Mariana Caetano (cattle) and Ellinbank Dairy Research Centre (Victoria) backup commercial results consistently achieved on farm.

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Cheers, Brenton Mengersen