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Like Red Wine to a Bull! The Crimped Marc Solution.

Increased pressure on cost of production and acceptance of by-product use on farm and in commercial beef rations continues to grow.

Many feedstuffs that were once dismissed can now be processed and utilised in rations as user friendly, cost reducing, productive ingredients.

Long dismissed as poor quality drought feed at best, re-processed steam distilled grape marc is now also proving its worth.

Research in Australia and overseas over the last few years has demonstrated that like any other by-product that is correctly processed and utilised, grape marc that has been steam distilled, screened and milled to crush the seeds and skins can be a viable option.

Tarac Technologies has participated as an industry partner in feed trials in dairy, beef, sheep and aquaculture.

The results demonstrate that when we get it right it works well. Producers are meeting their targets for ADG, MSA standards, milk yields, animal health and are saving money. Beef feedlots have inclusion rates up to 15% as fed and dairies are incorporating it at 5%-10% as fed.

Tarac provides a year round supply of Crimped Marc, which is a silage type material with greatly improved nutritional worth over steam distilled grape marc as most people would know it, from its Nuriootpa production facility.

The case studies (see links below) form the final part of a three year project administered by the Australian Wine Research Institute (AWRI). The project comprehensively investigated the best method of storage, feeding, nutritional worth and MRL’s.

The full report will be available once released from peer review.

I welcome the opportunity to meet and further discuss the potential inclusion of Crimped Marc in your system. Please contact me on 08 8568 6500 or via

Please click on the links below to view the case studies.

Case Study 1 - The search for a cost-effective, high fat source of nutrition for Dairy Cattle

Case Study 2 - Maintaining animal productivity at a fraction of the cost

Case Study 3 - Beef Cattle Feedlot utilising grape marc throughout enterprise

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