Making Bacon Vitifeed Style

Vitifeed is breaking new ground as a key food ingredient for pigs.

Berkshires raised by Denni Mansfield and her son Jesse of TDM Free Range Farms, Mount Pleasant in South Australia, are now healthier and tastier thanks to the inclusion of Vitifeed in their ration.

Before Vitifeed the traditional ration comprised a high component of pellets which made the ration very expensive.

Since reformulation of the ration to include Vitifeed, pigs are experiencing less issues with abdominal swelling, scouring has effectively ceased & odour has reduced greatly.

At slaughter, animals are longer and leaner with less back fat, a darker style of meat and improved flavour. All desirable outcomes.

Welfare, production and profitability are all on the up.

Read their story from the Stock Journal here.

If you would like to find out how Vitifeed can help your animals please contact Brenton at Tarac on 08 8568 6562.