Reduce Methane Output with Crimped Marc

Tarac’s Crimped Marc product, used by an increasing number of South Australian dairy farmers, contains fat in the form of grape seed oil and tannins, which occur naturally in grape skins.

Research indicates that for 1% of fat or oil in the diet, a 3.5% reduction in methane can be expected. Crimped Marc contains 8-9% oil on a DM basis, allowing for further reductions to be achieved.

The natural product is also more energy dense than cereal silage and in combination with the oil and tannin content, responses in increased milk production are being recorded on farm.

Crimped Marc is available year round and is currently being delivered up to 470km from our production site in Nuriootpa, Barossa Valley, as a cost effective option - delivering savings in production costs and improvements in production.

The link below takes you to a short Dairy Australia video highlighting the value of quality feed, fats, oils and tannins in reducing methane and improving production.

If you have any queries or would like further information about Crimped Marc, please contact me via phone 08 8568 6562 or email