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Neutral Grape Alcohol

Let your character shine through.

Achieving the right taste, character and texture is part of making quality fortified wine. The addition of neutral grape alcohol allows winemakers to produce unique, fruit-driven wine.

Tarac produces neutral grape alcohol from 100% Australian wine grape residuals, distilled in three styles:


Alcohol tailored for Australian fortified winemakers. Its earthy characteristics are ideal for adding complexity.

Spirit Neutral

Distilled to 96% alcohol, our spirit neutral is odourless and colourless – it has no discernible character, allowing true flavours to shine through.

Ultra-Premium Neutral

The absolute in characterless grape alcohol, this product suits niche distillers who want to create individual spirits.

From boutique Australian distilleries making premium gin to brandy producers around the world, Tarac neutral grape alcohol is an essential element in the dynamics of taste.

Tarac also supplies neutral grape alcohol to a range of other industries, including food, medical and homeopathy.

Product Data and Safety Data Sheets can be downloaded below.

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