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Grape Juice Concentrate

Nectar for winemakers.

Wine can be like a temperamental child – sometimes a bit of sweetness is required to find a happy balance.

Tarac grape juice concentrate has a honey texture, with sugar levels ranging between 68o and 70o brix. It is nectar for winemakers – the final sweet touch before bottling.

We produce three grape juice concentrate varieties.

Neutral White

Made from Chardonnay or Semillon grapes, this is a ‘neutral’ concentrate, free of any varietal characteristics.


Rich and robust, the concentrate retains characteristics of the Shiraz grape.

Muscat Gordo

Bursting with sweet Muscat characteristics, this concentrate gives wine a lift and a more aromatic profile.

Tarac grape juice concentrates are made through a high vacuum/low temperature evaporation process. This reduces the boiling point of water and prevents temperature damage. The by-product is Condensate (or Low Sugar Juice) which can be added to Australian wines. Please enquire about its availability.

Safety Data Sheet can be downloaded below.

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