Grape Seeds

Fresh and vital.

The white grape seed – the origin of the vine, the enhancer of character and a contributor to good health.

Tarac white grape seeds are dried fresh (removed from the grape marc/pomace within 24 hours) to preserve the character and goodness. 

Grape seed extract (GSeedEx) is produced from dried grape seeds and forms the basis for crisp finishing tannins.

We also export grape seeds to health-food companies and grape seed oil producers across the globe. Being very high in anti-oxidants, white grape seed extract has become a much sought-after natural health supplement.

Deliveries and shipments are aligned with the Australian vintage period (between February and May) and orders are taken prior to October.

We deliver our grape seeds in 650kg bulky bags in 20ft - 40ft containers. The minimum order is 500 tonnes.

Tarac white grape seeds are fresh and vital; a quality product for a superior outcome.

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