GrapEX red wine oozing from grapes

GrapEX Tannins

Enhancing naturally.

The balance and complexity, the intensity and delicacy, the texture and finish – every winemaker strives for their wine to be something special and unique.

GrapEX is a range of high quality tannins used to enhance, intensify, linger or soften the wine on the palate.

GrapEX is available in three forms:


Made from unfermented white grape seeds, Tarac’s powdered GSeedEx is delicate and elegant, builds structure and works as a great finishing tannin.


This red liquid tannin is a grape skin extract. GSkinEx is used primarily as a colour enhancer. Its unique tannins also aid in building structure.


A tailor-made alternative to GSkinEx, this offering includes a 10% grape alcohol addition, providing winemakers with a unique choice in the tannin market.

GrapEX tannins provide winemakers with tantalising options – they are used to enhance character and create truly unique wines. And a small amount goes a long way. 

However, the application of GrapeEX is not limited to the winemaking industry:

  • GSeedEx is high in anti-oxidants and used as a natural dietary supplement.
  • GSkinEx acts as a natural colouring, providing the perfect alternative to ‘red colouring’ in the food industry, with the bonus of wine-like characters.

Product Data and Safety Data Sheets can be downloaded below.

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