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Natural Tartaric Acid

It’s only natural.

The making of wine is a complex art. Every component plays its part in creating a masterpiece – none more so than natural tartaric acid.

It prevents spoilage and keeps wine sound.

It balances the wine structure.

It interacts with the fruit and tannin profile.

And it’s the reason why, in 1930, Tarac was established (and named Tarac).

Our tartaric acid is sourced from 100% grape and wine residuals – it is natural L(+) tartaric acid.  Using natural tartaric acid creates wines that are holistically faithful to the winemaking process – that are accepted anywhere in the world.

Tarac delivers natural tartaric acid to your door, supplied in two forms:

Granular – in 15kg bags

Liquid – 50% solution in bulk or 1,000litre IBCs.

The use of natural tartaric acid is fundamental to making exceptional wines, and appreciated by those who live and breathe their art.

Safety Data Sheets can be downloaded below.

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