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AlcoTech Alcohol Adjustment

The smart way to reduce alcohol.

The climate plays a big part in the wine making industry. In warmer climates (like Australia), too much heat can raise the alcohol content of wines to undesirable levels.

AlcoTech is an alcohol reduction service provided by Tarac. Using low temperature evaporation, we can reduce the alcohol content of a selected portion of wine to less than 0.5%.

For example:

A winemaker produces 100,000 litres of Shiraz at 15% alcohol. They export their Shiraz to the USA where import excise is much higher on wines over 14%. So they organise a pick-up of 10,000 litres with Tarac. We take their Shiraz and reduce it to less than 0.5%. The ‘alcohol free’ wine is then delivered back to the winemaker, where it’s blended into the remaining 90,000 litres. The alcohol content of the 100,000 litres is now just under 14%.

Of course, the portion of wine that’s reduced depends on both the existing and desired alcohol levels. Speak to our team of experts to find your sweet spot.

It is a very quick and efficient process, with a three-day turn-around in most parts of Australia.

For more information, please contact us.