Grape Marc on hand

Closed Loop

Tarac operates a closed loop system which has many facets:

Solid residuals

Grape marc, the skins and seeds left over from winery crush, are recycled by Tarac to extract grape alcohol undertaken at Tarac’s three strategically positioned production sites in key wine producing areas; Nuriootpa and Berri in South Australia, and Griffith in New South Wales.

Centrifuge and cross flow sludge are accepted at our Samuel Road, Nuriootpa production facility.

Other solid winemaking residuals, such as filter cake, are also processed at Tarac. Calcium tartrate is extracted, from which Tartaric Acid is produced.

Liquid residuals

Liquid residuals, including distillation wine, tank lees and stripwater, are treated at Tarac’s Samuel Road, Nuriootpa production facility.  After treatment at a waste water treatment plant co-owned by Tarac, a significant portion is used to irrigate surrounding vineyards and pasture, and to offset the consumption of mains water in Tarac’s own processes.

Water and Energy

Tarac applies a ‘continual improvement’ approach to its resource efficiency, particularly in relation to water, energy and greenhouse gas impacts.

Other Products

A range of products for different agriculturally based industries are produced at Tarac as part of its closed loop system.

The wine industry benefits from Tarac’s natural grape skin and seed tannins, the agricultural industry values stockfeed solutions, and the horticultural industry uses TPR soil conditioner.


Tarac provides a number of beneficial and cost effective services to the wine industry, these include AlcoTECH alcohol adjustment, permeate distillation and grape juice concentration.

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