Grape Marc on hand

Wine Industry Benefits

Tarac's operations perform a vital service for the Australian Wine Industry by recovering and transforming the industry’s residuals into value-added products for local and export markets.

In doing so Tarac solves a major waste disposal and environmental issue as well as adding to the long term sustainability and resilience of the Australian wine industry.  

The volumes of these residuals collected and processed by Tarac each year include:

  • 130,000 tonnes of grape marc
  • 3,000 tonnes of filter cake; and
  • 40 million litres of distillation wine, lees, tank washings and other liquid winemaking residuals.

These are processed into value-added products including grape alcohol, tannins and tartaric acid for supply to local and export markets.  Completing its closed loop approach Tarac further processes the grape marc into stock feed as crimped marc - VitiFeed and grape meal - Acti-Meal. TPR soil conditioner is valued by the horticultural industry.  Recovered grape seeds are dried and used by a number of industries.

Tarac’s environmental efforts and service to the wine industry has been recognised widely and it has been the recipient of many industry and government environmental awards.