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Liquid by-products are treated through a joint venture arrangement between Tarac and a major local winery. The facility, known as the North Para Environment Control (NPEC),  is considered to be one of the most efficient and effective waste water treatment plants in Australia. Treated water is used to irrigate local vineyards and pasture, and to replace use of mains water in Tarac’s processes.

Two separate water treatment systems are employed.

One system treats lower strength winery waste water to a capacity of 250 Mega litres per annum and produces water for irrigation purposes.

The second system treats higher strength liquid wastes to a capacity of 50 Mega litres per annum. This system incorporates an anaerobic treatment lagoon and a Reverse Osmosis purification system, providing very high quality water which is recycled for use in Tarac’s production processes, replacing water use which would otherwise have come from the main SA Water supply.

Tarac joined the Business Water Saver program offered by SA Water in 2010. As a result, detailed audits were completed to identify potential areas where further improvements could be realised.

Tarac continues to implement programs to reduce its use of water from the ‘mains’ system and moves closer to relying on the use of recycled water.